Evergreen Economy

Green economy by definition is sustainable .That means it can’t manifest a structural commitment to “growth”. But the Green economy which is taking shape today is not so green in its nature. The present form of Green Economy is just a feel-good catchphrase rather than reality. We need to think beyond the so called ‘green’ which has today become a fashionable and thing of luxury. For that we need to think about the Sustainable economy which can exist with harmony in nature. To do so we need to give the priority to environment over the economy. Evergreen economy is based on the motto- "The ultimate aim is sustainable human happiness."For that we need to move beyond the consumer-centric approach to the economy and development.

Some common questions which come to our mind when we think about creating green economy are: Is it feasible? Can development accommodate ecology? Can green economy be affordable to everyone or is it a thing for only affluent? Can green economy provide enough production for consumption? Will this means compromising with life-style? I have tries to answer these common questions.