Election results postpartum

A Great Election period is over and now the market of some MLA  is picking a new height particularly in the Haryana.There were not many surprises except the Haryana where the INDL had buried all the pre-poll estimation and exit-poll results.

Well,this was a first major election after the Loksabha election and many people took interest in it.Some of Enthusiastic people volunteered and tried their best to educate the people about the importance of their vote.This helped some young minds to get their electoral Id first time and some also exercised their option.Some loudly announced after the results "why No-Vote were not taken into consideration".

Well,this will continue to happen in every election and stories will keep repeating with some twists.

Here are few my observation from this election

  1. Dynastic Politics is OK-After the victory of many political successor of their family people (Specially media and elite class) started to believe that Dynastic politics is here to stay(in India) .People with desirable credential without political backing of family have very little Chance of survival in this political battle.
  2. The Haryana poll has shown that Caste based politics is here to stay and Media has very less sense of people’s thinking in the Rural and Non-metro areas.Omprakash Chautal’s Journey could be  described as "Rise from ashes like a Phoenix".Where the Exit poll results gone?This can be related to some extent to the influence of Media over the decision-making power of public !Media play an important part in opinion making

Gandhi’s vision

On the independence night I was watching Movie  “Gandhi”.Few lines which was quoted by character of Gandhi in a Indian National Congress meeting caught my attention and touched the heart.I wondered How much has changes after the 62 years of Independence. “I have been travelling to India for last few months and I know that I can spend still years to know the India. yet I already know that what we say means nothing to masses of country. Here we make speeches for each other and those English liberal magazine may grant us few lines.The people of India are untouched. Their politics is confined to bread and salt.Illiterate they may be but they are not blind.They see no reason to give their loyalty to Rich and Powerful man,who simply want to take over the role of British in the name of freedom.This congress tells the world-it represent the India.My brothers India is 7 hundred thousands villages NOT a few hundred lawyers in Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta.Until we stand in few in the millions who spoil each day under the hot sun we will not represent the India.We will not represent the India .No one will ever be challenge the British as one nation.” Continue reading