Dreams, Ambitions and Aspiration

How dreams and ambitions are shaped by our surroundings, experience, exposure & circumstances? It is a mute question, how ambitions and dreams shape and fold our life?

Aspirations, Opportunities and Environment are concomitant variables. They are inter-linked in cyclic and dynamic fashion. The hopes, aspiration and ambitions of all the citizens make up the vision of nation. They play a crucial role in determining the fate of nation. As we are approaching another Republic Day, below is my conjecture on these philosophical sounding topics.

In today’s fast moving world, every young person is branded as ‘ambitious’ guy or girl. Frequently it’s taken in negative sense e.g when ambitions are attached as reason for committing various crimes. Ambitious person is shown as willing to compromise with ethics and values to achieve his/her goals and objectives. He is ready to walk extra mile even if it involve the using unfair means.

The negative connotation associated with ambition often resulted in hearing that ‘My goal in life is to live a simple middle class life. Not much ambitious.’

New exposure, experience and events give a new direction to our life’s trajectory. We got influenced and molded by Peers Group (company we keep), thoughts & ideas we come in contact with (Intellectual Discourse we have) & physical surrounding around us (Oh does it also play a part, I am not sure!).

Dreams and aspiration varies depending on physical origin (Rural or Urban Background), Social Background, Upbringing of a person and many other factors.   A girl from rural background would be starkly different from a high class cosmopolitan society. Their different path of socialization got manifested in their world view, values, and ethics and even in their accent, dressing sense, lifestyle & profession. IN modern world, they may have common elements but it would most probably influence of common factors like influence of mass media, subsequent upbringing (Attending same college) etc.

The width & depth of ideas, action and achievements act as booster to further expand our ambition. More dynamic we become more energy we get. Lazier we become more we restrict our activities, less productive we become. Multiple tasks at a time may dampen our concentration power, but doing many things in day may actually help us to achieve more.

Everybody is ready to offer advice (even me included: P) but why few people act on them?

Fear of failure, the fear of unknown prevents us from charting an independent path. It prevents us from taking risks. It forces us to move along a defined path, set by others, often as compulsion.

Self doubt is biggest enemy of our progress. Gradual process of casting apprehension by others lower our ambition and we start settling for less rather than striving for excellence. It may be done intentionally by rivals or unintentionally by neutral person or sympathizers.

On other hand having wider exposure, interaction with successful people having positive mindset broadens our thinking and aspirations. Both Self confidence (and lack of it) and motivation (lack of it) are contagious elements.

To constantly innovate and evolve ourselves is a difficult constant challenge. There is no definite guide. Everybody has his/her own way of learning during this turbulent, exciting and unknown journey of life.

Human tendency is to believe all the wrong things or shortcoming (ever thought why conspiracy theories/rumors spread so fast) but it takes hard persuasion to convince about talent, capabilities and strength.

‘If you say to your friend that you are looking ‘dashing’ he would most probably reply that don’t make joke. (Mazak mat uda)

Normally we take positive things lightly but negative things more emotionally & personally. We attach too much importance on self–perception. It affects us in two ways- firstly, through inter-personal relations & people management skills (we may lose temper or get angry). Secondly, it affects our personality in fundamental ways in long run.

Sure we need to be aware of our shortcoming, limitations and. we need to introspect on them to evolve ourselves as better person. Striking a right balance between positive thinking and working on shortcoming is crucial not only for profession and personal success but to live a comfortable, joyful and harmonious life.

If we start celebrating small success, achievements & joy, and don’t take every criticism emotionally and personally it would open new avenues to the life which is more fulfilling, enjoyable and livable.

  • Pretending to be busy doesn’t mean we are busy
  • It’s not everybody’s forte to go out of comfort zone every time nor its required but everybody need to be come out of self defined enclosure or at least strive to expand the boundary of enclosure.
  • Exploring the unconventional and diverse things in diverse way opens up new avenues for our thinking and creates excitement in life.
  • Do different things, do things differently.

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