This piece was written more than a year ago when I was just sitting idle . It was put together in just 5-7 minutes as a random thoughts without much thinking. Just writing a (to someone)  without any expectation of response ! Just random thoughts.

 Ideally we should not have any expectation from anyone . Because expectation built a lot of stress, pain & suffering. They are responsible for the all the pains & suffering.  Its better to have no expectation from any one , even from our near & dear one.It helps in building a mental which is required for being successful in life.
Having no expectation have dual impact. One it relieve one of pressure which build up due to our expectations from others & others expectation from us. Secondly, its give immense joy when someone do a favour/support/helping hand (even if its mental, spiritual, psychological in nature) to us when we have no expectation from him.(when someone delivers more than what he has promised).
But its very hard to control the natural instinct of having expectation from others especially when someone become very close to us. They enjoy wider support within our consciousness & they knowingly or unknowingly has major/minor influence on the decision we make. We keep them in our mind while taking many decision. We may not express them explicitly but they do influence us in many ways.
Tough we wanted them to act independently and as per their consciousness and take decision in their best interest. The reason is we also want their best interest. But it anger us/frustrate/loneliness when they don’t respond as we expect them to!   Why this contradiction ?? I don’t know …may be we get very close to them & not able to distinguish our interest and their interest.May be when we make some kind of image of them , that they will response to all our queries, share everything with us, but they uncomfortable/unwilling in doing all these or they are simple not interested in all these due to various reason ( their ideas or opinion made after pressure from some other quarters like peers, friends , family & parents)..may be there is something else going in their mind which we can’t imagine or comprehend.
Or is it all due to our proximity to them? We have fear of loosing them ? But why we have all such feelings ? do feeling matters ….The bigger question why such feeling develop towards some particular individual in first place ? What are the reason for same. ….I (I am not sure if nobody know certainly)even don’t know the answers of all these question. …May be you can help me in figuring out some clearly on these issues ….may be if can also express your opinion it could give a glimpses of your thoughts (Just interested tough its none of my business to expect that !!)
I know you would hardly get any time to even read let alone respond to such a long piece but since i had these things in mind just expressed them & putting it here.

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