Election results postpartum

A Great Election period is over and now the market of some MLA  is picking a new height particularly in the Haryana.There were not many surprises except the Haryana where the INDL had buried all the pre-poll estimation and exit-poll results.

Well,this was a first major election after the Loksabha election and many people took interest in it.Some of Enthusiastic people volunteered and tried their best to educate the people about the importance of their vote.This helped some young minds to get their electoral Id first time and some also exercised their option.Some loudly announced after the results "why No-Vote were not taken into consideration".

Well,this will continue to happen in every election and stories will keep repeating with some twists.

Here are few my observation from this election

  1. Dynastic Politics is OK-After the victory of many political successor of their family people (Specially media and elite class) started to believe that Dynastic politics is here to stay(in India) .People with desirable credential without political backing of family have very little Chance of survival in this political battle.
  2. The Haryana poll has shown that Caste based politics is here to stay and Media has very less sense of people’s thinking in the Rural and Non-metro areas.Omprakash Chautal’s Journey could be  described as "Rise from ashes like a Phoenix".Where the Exit poll results gone?This can be related to some extent to the influence of Media over the decision-making power of public !Media play an important part in opinion making
    and biased media (due to whatever reason) can do the wonder in urban area where people make opinion based on what is being projected in media.The Disparity in the development were reflected in the results.The region where economic belt was built in last 5 yr remained a strong hold of ruling party.
  3. CM will be decided by the Sonia Ji ?A CM of State speak! This is case with most of political parties.Why the state unit are not capable to make their decision on their own. Then what is the importance of people’s verdict? Don’t they vote to choose their representative ?or the CM are only for acting as Chamcha or tool to fulfil the political and personal aspiration of some people?
  4. Some editorial show this as a triumphs of Central government Policies (HT) on Education(privatization),Climate change(whether talking about the Jairam Ramesh Policy?) and Disinvestment (Obviously for the benefit of private sector) and same praise the congress and even project as the Inclusive party.This should raise a important question in Minds of  aware citizens-whether the election in states be fought on central government policies or on local issues and development?
  5. NO VOTE-Most common excuse and senseless demand of so-called Educated and aware people.Because they believe that by this way they can put blame on the corrupt and money dominated electoral system.If you want a solution and better alternative then you have to be the part of constructive improvement.Become a part of solution than blaming.People have to aware enough of all the power canter(Visible-Politician or hidden-like Media and Businessman) and should work together to eliminate the wrong elements from the system.
  6. Rise of MNS -The most dramatic thing was that MNS won most of the sheets from the Urban and metropolitan reason.Why?Because the issues raised by them are relevant to the people at ground level.May be the methodologies adopted by them are wrong ?This can be seen in global context.Despite the continuous attack on the Indian students No Politician in Australia opposed them publicly!The same reason -The Local people were losing the jobs.Another factor for MNS rise can be the story of "Agent of Congress" to destruct the Sena.That’s why congress government take no strict action against the Raje Thakare for all his wrong doing and he is continuously running a  parallel government.
  7. Introspection time for the BJP– Whether BJP comes to power or not But continuous decline of National Party like BJP is a bad thing for India.Because a strong opposition is very essential at all level for an effective democracy.BJP have to review its strategy-Whether it want to follow their core ideology of Hindutava(Don’t take this as the kattar Hindu organisation ) or Inclusive Right wing party? The leadership of BJP is in the wrong hand(at least incapable ) and lack the strategic long term thinking .This should change immediately otherwise this can lead to complete disastrous for a national party.

Well ,These are some of my observation of this great fiesta and much more things are waiting to happen!This is just a gentle beginning and "Film abhi baki hai"

Last but bot the least-most of Indian(including me) not have habit to talk about the Good thing and they believe in blame game.

To achieve the great heights we have to learn to celebrate the small-small successes and Enjoy the life !

Jai Bharat .


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