Bandra Worli Sea-Link

BWSLLatest marvel in Indian infrastructure sector,Proof of Indian Engineering  and what not? And above all Statistics and politics of the what people are calling the Engineering Marvel of India bandra Worli Sea-link.

These are some of Figure are keep repeating in various Newspapers and Floating on Internet on which they are saying this is a Great Engineering Marvel of Modern India.

  1. Project Cost of Rs.1650 Crores(about 330 Million US Dollar).More than four times the initial projected cost of Rs 400 Crores.
  2. Rs. 9 Crore alone will be just the cost of illuminating the bridge.
  3. Made with about 38000 KM Long Steel Ropes, 575000 tonnes of Concrete & 6000 Worker
  4. Bridge weigh more than 50,000 African Elephants.

Is that a achievement? What type of achievement is it? Does Huge Amount of material use mean a Better Product ?

The project has taken more than 10 years to complete.Cost is almost 5-6 times what was projected and also this is a drop in ocean in solving the problem of traffic(transportation) in Mumbai.

Can’t we build 5-10 such bridges in same cost ,Time-frame and same quantity of materiel being used?If we can do that then only we can that Yes we had proved over-selves! and we had done what others can’t do with a excellent efficiency.

On the Politics

Well, I am not opposing the move to name it as "Rajiv Gandhi Setu" but everything should not be linked to Gandhi Family(Rajiv Gandhi or Indira Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru).I don’t see the many leaders in congress who think that they can rise to top without doing ‘ChamachaGiri’ of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.Rahul gandhi is talking about the Democracy in Congress party but congress had suffered from Gandhi Mania(unawareness and lack of education in Indian masses adds to that) from decades So it will take at least a Decade if some changes are to be seen in Congress leader’s attitude.Almost all the Government schemes in Center or Congress led Government are named in Gandhi family(actually very few in name of true Gandhi-The Father of Nation).

Also the politicizing the BWSL(Bandra Worli Sea-link) can be seen by every Mumbaikar.There were large hording in every corner of Mumbai ,on BEST Buses and the whole page Ads in every daily of Mumbai-reiterating the praise of Gandhi’s'(Rahul and Sonia a Must in Every Poster).They are projecting the this project like congress had done this for People and people should obligated for it.While the bitter reality is that congress(Central and Maharashtra Gov.) is also spending the tax-payers money in these advertisements also.All the cost of building the sea link had come from pocket of tax-payers. It’s high time people voice their views and stop political parties from taking credit for what the government is doing with public money.

On the other hand this is not a first-of-its-kind in the world and a triumph of Indian technology. A small country like Malaysia erected a 15 km long sea link between the mainland and the Penang Island almost a quarter of a century ago. If anything, Bandra-Worli Sea Link shows how backward we are in infrastructure development.

Adding to this Mumbai comparators had started to pitch their voices for Free passes as they can’t afford the Toll for whom Luxury Cars is a necessity.On  the other hand common public is expected to may Rs 10 per Km (Rs 50 for a car) for crossing the Bridge once!!This means that if anybody is going to travel in this sea-link with Nano then it would have to Pay 33% of total cost as a Toll-Tax for year.Sounds Amazing.

Keep India creating the Engineering Marvel like BWSL to save economy for recession(by huge expenditure and Long-Time Frame) and for comfort of Cash-Rich Citizens.


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